Author Kami Garcia

wrote in her novel, Beautiful Creatures, “Old things are better than new things, because they’ve got stories in them.” I like to think I’m telling new stories every day at my shop, Refurbished Timeless Treasures in Belmar, NJ. I appreciate beauty in both new and old, but my passion has always been to see the beauty in antiques and restoring them to their original glory, whether it is an old mantel clock from the 1930s or an oak washstand with marble inlay. The transformation is gratifying.

I am Johanna Robinson, owner of Refurbished Timeless Treasures. I welcome you to visit my shop and come see for yourself. I think you’ll agree that my commitment to offering a quality product shines through in every item you see. The innate foresight to see past tarnish, paint and grime combined with my Fashion Institute of Technology education and more than 25 years of experience in the industry have enabled me to turn what may look like an old relic into a treasure.

From a unique crystal chandelier to an old, shabby chic fireplace surround, the layers of history unfold as you walk through my shop. You are invited to take a look at my pieces online, but I encourage you to stop by because my merchandise is always changing as I welcome in new products every day. You’ll find the atmosphere is very inviting and absent of any pressure you might find in other stores.

You might even catch me refinishing a hope chest or tinkering with an old clock.

If you have any questions or have something special in mind, please contact me. I respond to every email and inquiry personally.

Hope to see you soon!

Our pieces in our store have a past life and have been carefully selected. You will see imperfections of yesterday in our aged pieces. But there is beauty in times gone passed!

Every piece in our shop is brought back to life by a thorough cleaning and preparation process for its journey to its new home.

Every piece gets at least two coats of a water based primer in addition to some wonderful in-house trade secrets that actually make the piece stronger and element resistant. After the primer has cured, we apply the correct amount of paint to what is needed for that piece to look its best and bring out the historical beauty it was given at its genesis. Finally, a clear protective lacquer is gently brushed on for a smooth yet durable finish.

ALL PAINTING is done by hand. Rollers or spray guns are never used. Many pieces are distressed purposely to bring out the “RTT shabby look”. You can request distressing and the reverse with almost every piece as well.

Any piece can be repainted for a fee. Touch-up paint can be provided for my customers with any purchase. I am also happy to give anyone “touch-up” tips so that you can enjoy your purchase forever.